Standing Up to the Bullies – Image 1

I’ve been quiet here lately because I’ve been working on a picture book.  Learning A-Z commissioned me through Storybook Arts to illustrate a graded reader titled Standing Up to the Bullies, written by Ashley Kazery.   I just finished the last image this afternoon.  I’ll probably have a few minor edits before publication, but I’m more-or-less finished.

Here’s the first of thirteen images.

[Edit: I’ve updated the image.  This is the final they’re using for the book.]

Standing Up to the Bullies - Page 3

SCBWI Bulletin

scbwi 200I’ve just received an email telling me that one or more of my pieces will be used in the November/December 2014 issue of the SCBWI Bulletin.  I’m not sure which pieces were chosen yet because I’ve sent them several recently, but it’s always nice to get into this publication.  They’ve published me twice before.  SCBWI stands for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is a publication for its members.  Illustrators for their issues are chosen from submissions sent by their member illustrators and are paid a nominal fee for one-time publishing rights.  It also gets me some exposure on a national level that I don’t normally get.

So, that’s very cool.   I’ll post again when I find out which images they chose.

Roses, Pumpkin Blossoms, Mums, and Woodsorrel

Macro Pumpkin Blossoms

These are male pumpkin blossoms.

Macro Nearly Wild Roses

The spider is known as a Daring Jumping Spider.  It’s orange spots mean that it’s a fairly young one.  The spots will turn white as it gets older.   This type of spider is a hunter rather than a web weaver.

Macro White Roses

Macro Mums and Yellow Woodsorrel

Yellow Woodsorrel is edible.

I’d also like to mention that I like how you can now post multiple galleries to one post in WordPress.  🙂  Very useful.