Man in Hat – Color

Now he has some color.  Why do I have a feeling he’s a cat burglar or something like that?

Or maybe he’s a longshoreman.

cartoon faces - man in winter hat - color 350


Final Doofus

Here is Doofus the BS fairy in the pose my father-in-law requested.  Leaning back on a bar with one leg bent back to prop his boot on the rail.  Holding a beer.  I would have had him leaning straight back on the bar with both elbows propped up on the edge, but those wings get in the way.  This is as close as I could get to that without crushing his wings.

doofus 4 500

Can we take a minute and admire the beer he’s holding?

doofus 4 hand and mug

I just really like that beer mug and the hand position. I think it turned out nice. The glass even looks shiny. Also, it’s the one thing in the image not smeared with filth. smiley 15