Here’s a new one for that series I’m doing with this group of middle school kids.  This one’s a sleepover and our main character (I should really give her a name) is having a sleepover with all her BFFs.  She’s playing a video game (Mario Cart, perhaps?) against her very best bestie.  Two more friends are painting nails on the floor and a fifth girl has already conked out and gone to sleep.  (Hopefully they won’t put her bra in the freezer later!)

Edit:  It was too green, so I made it bluer and updated the image.  Better now, I think.  🙂


Safety Book – Interior Image – Page 11

Here’s an image for page 11 of a safety-themed coloring book commissioned by Positive Promotions.  Why is it so much fun to draw children behaving badly?  In this case, we have a girl (accidentally) kicking a boy that walked too close to the swings, a boy pushing in front of the line, and two boys horsing around and playing too rough.


Safety Book - Interior Page 11