Jump In 2 – Final Version

Here’s the finished version.  The first sketch showed him in mid-air over the water, as if caught in mid-leap.  Once I drew it, I decided he kind of looked like he was already in the water.  I think it would work either way, but I already did a mid-leap image last time.  I thought drawing bubbles in this would be fun, so I put him underwater.  Same font as the other one: Komika Boo.

Jump In!

I think this is the final version.  I’ll need to double-check the colors on my other computer, but it’s getting late tonight.  I’ll just post it as-is.  If the colors look a bit too bright, blame it on my laptop.  I’ll make adjustments tomorrow if it needs it.

The font is a distorted, gradient-overlaid, embossed version of Komika Boo, by Larry Yerkes.  That’s a free font I got from some free font site.  I’d put a link to the author’s Myspace site, but I looked at it and, YIKES.  Not linking directly to that.  But feel free to put his name into Google and find him if you want.  He goes by WolfBainX.

Anyhow, here’s the image: