Did Anyone Catch My Mistake?

Alright, I made a mistake on my last illustration.  The one I posted yesterday.  Did you catch it?  I did and it’s been bugging me.

Her palette.  I drew it completely wrong.  That’s not the proper shape or the proper way to hold a paint palette.  My mistake came from trying to draw something when I wasn’t sure what it actually looked like.  Although I do paint and have used acrylics (but not oils) I’ve never used the traditional shaped paint palette.  Mostly I used paper plates.  So, I didn’t know how you actually hold one.  After I drew it, I knew that the little girl’s palette didn’t look right, but I wasn’t sure why.

So I looked it up online.  Isn’t the internet great?  And, sure enough, I had it all wrong.  For your information, the following is an illustration of the approximate shape of an artist’s palette and how you hold it.

And here is the corrected illustration.


I feel much better now.