You’re Fired!

Here’s another Donald Trump caricature.  I think the last one turned out better, but this one’s okay.  I don’t think I got his face quite Trump-y enough, but he’s still recognizable so I’m calling it done.

This one’s inspired, of course, both by his iconic catch-phrase and by his recent firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

You're Fired

Bree Newsome

This is a tribute to Bree Newsome, the activist who scaled the flagpole in South Carolina to remove the Confederate Flag.  Drawing her as a superhero is apparently a thing just now.  I liked the idea, so I drew her in a Spiderman pose on that flagpole.


Bree Newsome

Also, Bree Newsome would be an excellent name for the mild-mannered alter ego of a superhero.

Political Limerick

In honor of National Limerick Day, I bring you a political limerick.

Content warning:  One bad word at the end.  (What do you expect? It’s a limerick!)

There was a politician named Mitt,
Who did not like gay folks one bit.
It’s a sin, says the bible.
So, unlike his rival,
He promised to treat them like shit.

This means I should probably draw a cartoon of Romney to go with this.  But, just in case I don’t get to it today, I wanted to share this now.  🙂