Guy’s Face with Various Expressions — And a Zombie

This was an exercise to practice drawing different expressions on the same character using Adobe Illustrator.  I didn’t bother with shading it, since it was just practice.  

I initially drew these in a completely different order, but arranging them this way seemed to fit them into a narrative.  The second from the last was originally supposed to be a yawn.  I’m not really sure why I turned him into a zombie.  It just sort of happened.  

Guy's Head with Various Expressions

Page 6

page 6

I fiddled with this one a couple times since I first posted it.

The fonts are Yikes and Century Gothic.  Both fonts are free for private or commercial use, which is important since I want to sell this eventually and it’s always nice if I don’t have to worry about licenses.  The larger one is an example of what you can do with text along a line.  And then I fiddled with layer effects to get this look.  I didn’t actually warp the text.  I just upped the font size a bit on each letter as I went around the spiral.