Page 14 & 15

Page 14 and 15

Last one!  YAY!!!

It’s still not quite done, of course.  I have to go back and edit it for consistency.  For example, I noticed that I didn’t do her nose the same way on every page, the line of the side of her face in 3/4 view isn’t consistent, and I don’t like how I drew her leg on page 18 and 19.  Things like that.  But it’s almost done.  smiley 15

Page 10 and 11

Page 10 and 11

Here’s the latest spread for my picture book dummy.

The fonts are This Little Piggy, KaBlam! and Century Gothic. I’ll have to get a commercial license for the first two if I keep those fonts for the finished version.

I think I’m now halfway done. Eight more spreads to go. I’m trying to do approximately one spread a week. So, if I can stick with that, I’ll be done in two months. We’ll see how well I do. 🙂