Veterinarian’s Office – Image 1

Here’s a recent piece for  Learning A-Z.  The waiting room in a veterinarian’s office.  The unusual clientele is because this is for the educational market.  The words for the animals (except for the cat) all have unusual plural forms.  Wolf/wolves, sheep/sheep, goose/geese, mouse/mice.

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Houston Public Library

John P. McGovern Foundation
Summer Reading Program

This was a tremendously fun project to do.  The theme, Explore the Unknown, was meant to refer to all sorts of fun cryptozoological, mythical, and sci-fi subjects.  Included in this piece is a UFO with Roswell-style aliens, a unicorn, a big foot, the Loch Ness Monster, a kraken, and a mermaid.  The font is Black Pearl by JoannaVu.