Website Updates

I’ve been working on the office parts of my job for the last couple weeks, which is why I haven’t really been posting anything here on the blog. I have a whole list of things I want to draw, but I can’t start on it until I get through the neglected administrative tasks. So, anyway, I’ve been spending time updating my mailing lists and updating things here on the website,

But now I think I’m done with the website, and I thought I’d share and ask for feedback. Please take a look around and let me know if anything needs changing. (Especially if you find a typo!)

I completely changed the portfolio section based partly on advice I received at a recent portfolio review. I came up with a “Top 10” selection of images, then linked to additional, targeted portfolios in text links under that main portfolio. (Also accessible through the menu bar.) I did it that way because it I was really putting way too many images on my portfolio page. I mean, I love sharing all my work because I figure you never know what sort of images a client might be looking for. But it was just too much for one page. Anyway, this new way I still get to share all my best work for people who are interested in it all, but I’m not overwhelming art directors who just want a summary of my work. It also lets me point specific art directors to particular targeted portfolios if I think that will fit better with what they’re looking for. Or, that’s the intent anyway. I’ll see how it works when I start sending out my promo emails on, probably, Friday

I also drastically slashed my super-wordy Intro page to just the bare bones. And I added some new graphics that I thought were fun.

I’d love it if you’d go take a look at both pages and let me know what you think.

Oh, and here’s one thing I did make today. A drawing of the wacom stylus that I use with my cintiq.

Diaper Book Stats

Well, I haven’t looked in on my poor little diaper book in awhile. Last year I went to the SCBWI conference and showed an agent my book, but totally failed to remember exactly what my sales stats were when she asked me. That was embarrassing. So, this time I will have my numbers together.

What are my numbers? Well, I’m so glad you asked. First off, remember that this is a self-published book by a first-time, unknown author/illustrator and it was accompanied by little to no marketing. So, don’t expect big numbers.

It was first published in January 2010, though it didn’t sell much until I put it up for the kindle in May 2010.  To date I’ve sold 2,312 copies (43 paperbacks, 2269 ebooks) for a total of $1866.28 in royalties. The paperbacks are $9.75 and the ebook (both kindle and nook) are $1.99. The paperback is twice the price it should be, but that’s the best I can do with self-publishing. Sorry.

Would you like to buy a copy? Well, that would be great! You could get a paperback, a nook, or a kindle copy.

The Third Edition (left) with all new illustrations is now out.  The original edition (above) is now out of print. The new one is currently available on Amazon both in print and for kindle. It should be available at other online bookselllers soon and I’m working on getting it up on the nook. In the meantime, if you’d like a digital copy for your non-kindle eReader, contact me and I’ll sell you a PDF or epub version directly.