Bathtub Sketch

Why do illustrators always draw these old-fashioned claw-footed bathtubs, even though no house built in the last half century actually has them?  Well, just think what a modern bathtub looks like.  A basin inside a box that fits flush to the walls.  It’s not curvy or fun in the least.  Boring.  Claw-footed tubs are much more fun to draw.

Yeah, I know.  I forgot the faucet.

Actually, I didn’t forget so much as chose not to draw it because A. I don’t really like how it looks, B. I thought it would distract from the bubbles, and C. I didn’t think it was necessary to convey the idea.   🙂

Jump In 2 – Final Version

Here’s the finished version.  The first sketch showed him in mid-air over the water, as if caught in mid-leap.  Once I drew it, I decided he kind of looked like he was already in the water.  I think it would work either way, but I already did a mid-leap image last time.  I thought drawing bubbles in this would be fun, so I put him underwater.  Same font as the other one: Komika Boo.