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A Few Quick Details First

  • A Published Illustrator
  • Represented by Storybook Arts Inc.
  • Digital Artist: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • SCBWI Member

My Experience

Books – I’ve illustrated 11 books, working with both self-publishing authors and traditional publishers.
Children’s Educational Market – Spots and small projects for textbooks and other educational materials.
Editorial Illustration – Mostly magazine spots outside of the children’s market.
Religious – I’ve illustrated Christian stories, but I’m also open to illustrating children’s stories from other faith tradition.
Historic – Illustrations of historic events and people.

Subjects I Can Draw

My favorite projects are usually for the 8-12 year old age range. I especially enjoy drawing girls mixed up with magic, monsters, and other exciting adventures. However, most of my work is drawing contemporary children doing ordinary, everyday things.

Whenever possible, I make a point to include diverse characters because every child benefits from seeing all sorts of people in their stories.

Kids – As a children’s illustrator, this is naturally what I draw the most!
Adults – I couldn’t draw children for long before having to draw the adults in their lives.
Diverse People of All Ages Isolated on White – A set of 150 characters all in the same style.
Animals – Both anthropomorphic and not.
Monsters and Fantasy Creatures – These are my absolute favorite subjects to draw.
Chibis – Those super-cute, huge headed characters.

Magical Effects – Swirling smoke, mystical glow, and magic sparkles.
Unusual Angles – Looking down, looking up, and other unusual views.
Black and White – I really enjoy drawing without color. I have lots of black and white samples.
Vectors – I can use Adobe Illustrator to create vector illustrations.

And finally, Let’s Talk Styles. I go into detail on how I draw and why my work is so varied.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me. I probably have something I can show you.

External Portfolios

Storybook Arts, Inc.

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