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Top 10 Images

Selected to show a wide range of subjects and styles.

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I’ve illustrated two picture books, a middle grade novel, and four hi-lo graded readers. I work with both self-publishers and traditional publishers.
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The Genie

Written by
Paul Maguire
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
The Squishy,
Stinky Diaper

Written and
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
Standing Up
To The Bullies

Written by
Ashley Kazery
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
Tree House

Written by
Anthony Curran
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
Mom for
City Council

Written by
Jessica Malordy
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
The Neighborhood’s

Written by
Juliana Catherine
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones
The Owl and
The Turkey

Commissioned by
Amy Templeton
Illustrated by
Karen B. Jones

Spots for Kid’s Textbooks

Lately, most of my work has been in the children’s educational market.

Editorial illustrations

I’m happy to work for any client that’s interested in my work. They don’t have to be in the children’s markets. Most of these were commissioned by a local lifestyle magazine.

I’ve also drawn for several coloring and activity books, one video game, a logo for a baby boutique, book covers, several holiday cards, and a few other odds and ends. Let me know if you’re interested in samples of those.

Are you looking for a specific subject?

I can draw kids…

It’s what I draw the most of.

I can draw animals…

Both anthropomorphic and not.

I can draw monsters and fantasy creatures…

These are probably my favorite subjects to draw.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me. I probably have something similar I can show you.

External Portfolios

Storybook Arts, Inc.

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