Fledgling Robin

Look what was perched on my car this afternoon.  Aw, the fluffy little thing….  🙂

Fledgling Robin


Spring Robin

_DSC0467 500I took this picture the other day. I really need to remember to use a tripod with my big zoom lens. I took tons of shots, but every one had a bit of motion blur in it. This was the best of the lot. The robin hopped up pretty close to me.

Scimitar-Horned Oryx

_DSC0390 500Look at those horns!

Like many things, this was a more impressive shot in person.  all those horns all going the same way arching over the little herd… I dunno.  But in the photo, the background detracts, so I desaturated it.  Then there’s how brown and white aren’t really colors that pop and it looks silly if I bump them up too much.  Oh, well.  At least their horns stand out from the trees so you can see them well.