Boy Reading Published in SCBWI

So, I received my copy of the SCBWI Bulletin in the mail yesterday and I found out which of my images they picked to publish. Turns out it’s Boy Reading, an image I sent them in May of 2012. Yay!  So, when they say they hang onto artwork to use later, they really aren’t kidding! smiley 15

tearsheet 550


Ninja Nailclippers

Ninja NailclippersThis is the strangest thing I’ve ever been asked to illustrate.  But it was lots of fun.  smiley 15

It’s in April’s issue of 435 Magazine.

Actually… this might be even stranger.  But I’m not sure.  What’s weirder?  Ninja Nailclippers or the B.S. Fairy?

Either way, I think it’s official.  If I can draw ninja nailclippers, I can draw anything.  smiley 15