Accepting Commissions

accepting Commissions

I am accepting illustration commissions. All work is digital and will be delivered by email or uploaded to the cloud. I take payment via PayPal. I retain copyrights unless otherwise negotiated. Contact me to make arrangements.

Prices vary a lot depending on subject, style, and detail. Ask me for a bid to get a solid price. However, this is roughly how I calculate prices:

A line drawing of one isolated character: $20

More characters: $10/ea
Shading/Highlights (ink wash, soft, or cel shading): $10
Color (flat or mimicking traditional techniques): $20
Minimal background: $10
Detailed background: $20 – $100
Make it a vector drawing: +50% (Minimum $40)

If there are more than a couple characters, the price for color and/or shading may be more.

To use the samples above as examples, the full-sized version of the fairy would be $40, the girl would be $60, the bird would be $50 but is so simple I’d probably bring it down to $30, and the mouse would be $125-$150.

I also do larger projects, like coloring books, comic books, or picture books. Contact me for pricing on those.

Print rights can be negotiated, but generally I retain copyrights and the clients get limited print rights.


Neil deGrasse Tyson

I will do fanart (left: Megamind), but if it’s something I’m not familiar with you will have to supply references. I will do caricature portraits (right: Neil deGrasse Tyson), but I will need several photo references if you want the caricature to look like the actual subject. Keep in mind that there are legal limits to what I can sell when it comes to fanart and celebrity caricatures.

I don’t usually do NSFW content, but if it isn’t explicit I might consider it. So, feel free to ask.

For more samples of my work, check out my portfolio or my blog.  Or contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.


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