2 thoughts on “Page 14 and 15

  1. Dayne Sislen says:

    Karen, this is so funny. I guess you can find humor even in dirty diapers. I could never figure out why toddlers would rather sit in it than use the toilet. Mine just didn’t seem to care. I guess someone (me) would clean it up eventually.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      The story is supposed to lure you in thinking it will be gross (ew, squishy and stinky) but it actually is funny and a little sweet. It simply follows a routine chore for a baby (or toddler) and their mommy and shows what funny things can (and sometimes do) happen during the course of it. Babies and toddlers like it because it’s their story and something you’re not “supposed” to talk about. If I do it right, it shows how something yucky can also be funny and not really such a big, gross deal as one might expect. And how Mommy makes it all better.

      It’s not a “goodbye to diapers” book, but just a funny story about a not-as-groos-as-you’d-think diaper change.

      I’m almost finished with it. Let’s see, you’re one of the Kansas City area SCBWI illustrators, aren’t you? Well, if it’s finished in time, I plan to bring the finished dummy, the storyboard, and the previous edition to the next illustrator’s meeting. I think it’ll be done in time. Only 5 more spreads.

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