Pages 28 Through 32

I’m doing them out of order because these share the same backgrounds as the pages at the front of the book.  So, I’m grouping like images as I work through them.

So, this is nine out of 32 pages done in a little over a week.  That’s pretty good.   Of course, these are the easy pages since they share a background.  Lots of reusing elements.  It will get harder.  Still, more than a quarter of the way through.  That makes me happy.  smiley 15


page 28 NS 29page 30 Snd 31page 32

4 thoughts on “Pages 28 Through 32

  1. julie rowan zoch says:

    Karen, the expressions are darling. I just want to point out the draw of the back rooms, because of the composition’s strong perspective lines. Stark contrasts draw the eye, as you know, and I keep wandering from the child to the books to the back rooms, and the open dark rooms are a little…scary.

    • Karen B. Jones says:

      It’s a valid point. I’m not entirely happy with the background. The reason I included the hallway was because later in the story they go down the hall and into the baby’s room. But it isn’t really necessary to have it in the image. But it does need something there, not just a blank wall. Perhaps a window instead?

      I made a conscious decision that I wanted the room to look like a real family room. That means a mix of little kid stuff and adult stuff. I tried to make it look like a few toys scattered across an otherwise neat room. Which is more-or-less what I had with my first daughter at that age. They need to get a little older to make a real mess.

      So, that meant no overly-lacey, frilly, decorative decor. I didn’t want this to look like a Fancy Nancy book (which are great, just not the look I’m gong for here). I was going for comfortable, yet modern.

      The reason I wanted to do it like this is I wanted it to look like a real house, not like a dollhouse ideal of a pretty house. I wanted the readers to be able to say, “Hey, that’s like our TV,” or, “Look, the mommy’s working on a tablet like mine,” or “Baby has a ring tower like yours.” That sort of thing.

      I also wanted all the toys and such to be gender-neutral because if I just hide the layers with the ponytail, hair hanging to her shoulders, and the bow and then change the clothes from pink to blue (the binky also) then it changes the character to a boy baby instead of a girl with very little effort. I’m thinking about doing a boy’s edition and a girl’s edition that way.

      Anyhow, I’m definitely keeping the TV and DVD shelf. I may switch out the hallway for a window. I may also lighten the carpet and play with the other colors a bit. If the background lines are too distracting, perhaps the lines should be narrower, which I can change easily in Illustrator. But I’m leaving it for now because it’s more important for me to get through drawing all the figures for each page than the background. If I get bogged down on the background, I may stall out on the project and since I’m self-publishing, I have only myself for motivation. No contractual obligations or editor breathing down my neck. Gotta stay on task myself.

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