Am I the only one who wants a cell phone that’s just a phone?

I recently purchased a cell phone for my husband and I noticed that, over the years, our phones have gotten to be more and more complex.

When I get a cell phone, I want it to be a phone, an addressbook, a speakerphone, and a clamshell so that I won’t accidentally turn it on in my pocket.  That’s it.

I do not need a camera, text messenger, web browser, or anything else.

It used to be you could easily ignore these extra features, so they didn’t matter too much.  However, this time it took us quite awhile to figure out where the address book and voice mail were located on the phone.  Apparently “Messages” no longer means voice mail messages.  It now means text messages and it’s rather hard to find where voice mail messages feature is located.  We found it in the address book eventually, which is rather difficult to get to also.  It seems to me that voice mail and address book should be the easiest things to find when you open your phone.

I’d also like it if the buttons were large enough that a grown man, with typical thick fingers, can push a button without hitting it’s neighbors.  Also, sturdy enough that if it drops on the floor from a height of 3 or 4 feet, that it won’t break.

But it doesn’t seem possible to get that anymore.  Why is this?  Does anyone else think this is dumb?


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